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The stores should always be in the best locations for our business. As the brand is leasing the premises instead of owning them it has the possibility to be flexible in an evolving retail environment, and also assure it is represented in the most attractive streets and shopping centres in all active markets. The Dark stores are run by The Dark, with the exception of some markets where there’s collaboration with market’s trendiest boutiques.


Distance selling is a vital and growing complement to stores. As for now, it is being done through social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram. This way, while communicating directly with a customer, brand stylists on social media are able to offer the best product and share styling tips that inspire people and give that personal connection with the brand.

In order to complete and strengthen The Dark’s profile, we will soon increase the service provided to customers by launching an online store and making the brand even more accessible.

The Dark shop online will be completely mobile-adapted and will ship to many different countries worldwide.

The Dark’s design department employs innovative in-house designers and vastly experienced production makers. Working from the Head Office, they create wide-range series of accessories.

The team is young and skilled, representing different age groups who draw inspiration from their imagination and a wide variety of other sources. From art, cultural aspects to street fashion, fashion weeks and top trendiest people. These ideas are then filtered into constantly updated collections full of dark and mystery. The design process is about striking the right balance between fashion, longevity and quality.

Shopping at The Dark stores should always be a pleasurous and exciting experience – that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

The stores are the mysterious heart of The Dark, everything begins with the customer and the customer satisfaction by giving an inspiring shopping experiences in all stores.

Each store is unique – but yet easily recognizable. Interiors have to provide a functional and flexible framework that invites customers to step inside and guide them through the different senses, while offering an exciting shopping experience and styling service possibility.

Displays, both in windows and inside, put items of the current in-store selection in focus and provide styling tips and inspiration. Displays are changed frequently and themed around an association or a dark feeling, but always keeping the accessories and style in focus.