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What we stand for

THE DARK creates the most exciting leather pieces from finest Italian leather.

In 2016, THE DARK was founded in Vilnius, LITHUANIA, creating 
seasonally independent designs where traditional craftsmanship meets innovation.
 Away from mass production toward skillfully developed pieces of art; THE DARK stands for selected materials and high quality throughout the entirety of manufacturing. Detailed tracery, lacing and delicate rivets, combined with carefully crafted cuts, melt into transcendental pieces of craftsmanship.

Our values and beliefs

We closely observe our environment and have developed our own unconventional strategies to stand out and stay true to our values.
Since our beginnings in 2016, each collection has been seasonless. Creating fewer collections but timeless classics allows us to invest time in refining the design, fit and quality of our products. Each piece is handmade from the finest Italian leather and brought to life in THE DARK studio in the heart of Vilnius.

We believe in leather as a natural material that has stood the test of time with its long-lasting quality, stunning look and feel. We constantly keep up to date with the latest developments and respect all attitudes, but so far we haven't found an alternative to leather that meets our standards for design, quality and sustainability.


The Dark mission is to be protagonist in the fashion world in the sectors of accessories and luxury, delivering maximum quality in every market segment served.

We focus on the needs of continually evolving cosmopolitan customer, seeking excellence, with a continuous dialogue between passion and experience. By fully respecting the ethical principles of correctness, loyalty and transparency

The Dark should always have the best customer offering in every market. The brand offers accessories that are of extensive selection and made for both men and women.

Quality, as well as design and longevity, are a core strengths, starting with the idea to final product. It is brands aim to always exceed customers’ expectations on these qualities.

The Dark does not use factory facilities and works to bring lasting improvement and reach out for loyal employees and partners in the communities and markets in which the brand is proactive.

The Dark is growing with quality, design and high aims. The brand offers a wide range of handmade accessories and is growing with new stores worldwide. There is still room for further expansion for the brand in existing markets as well as in new waters.